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Susanne Butcher

The Danish abstract artist Susanne Butcher works mainly in painting, drawing and sculpture. Her art is coloristic and expressive with a choice of different motifs. 


Through her work, Butcher explores human interaction with each other, based on the feelings our various relationships give us. She delivers art that has a personal point of departure.


  • Born 1966, Haderslev Denmark

  • Educated as Recreation Centre Teacher, Åbenrå College, 1992

  • Qualified Instructor of Conflict Management, 2004

  • Postgraduate Degree in Visual Arts, 2006

  • Employed for 8 years as Teacher specializing in aesthetics and Visual Art at The Children’s Psychiatric Hospital, Risskov in Denmark

  • Autodidact Artist since 2008 

The figurative elements in the paintings are presented at once, via tight control and with a penchant for letting the subconscious be the supporting element that leaves a colouristic, expressive and organic expression.

In this way, the works open up the viewer's own interpretations of impressions, and become relevant for those who want to immerse themselves and look inward at the processes of their own lives.

Artist Susanne Butcher works persistently and process-oriented with her art. She translates her own references and interprets elements in life from her own perspective and inner life, in pictorial expressions.


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She has slowly worked her way into the art scene, through a continuous and focused work. With great patience and respect for delivering art that has a personal starting point, she has built collaboration with galleries, colleagues and customers at home and abroad.

Her work process applies many layers, colours and techniques that complement each other and stand out in different forms and characters, according to light source and the observer’s eye, state of mind and approach to the work.

The paintings appear at first intuitive, but the artist’s prior reflections are also evident, through which the precise physical expression and composition ensure completion of the picture corresponding to the artist’s mental plane.

Susanne Butcher:

”The intention of my work is to create a dialogue between the observer and the picture. That the person seeing the picture is forced to take a stand, to be disturbed, to be confronted by feelings that either carry the observer on a journey through new experiences in the gamut of emotions, or to a place of previous, familiar conditions of the mind.

I am interested in the mental mechanisms of mankind and the basis of our actions. In my work I attempt to unveil what happens in us, beneath the civilized façade.

The pictures seek to release associations that are universal and timeless.

My contention is that vanity and frailty will not allow us to reveal our inner emotional chaos. Happiness, confusion, despondency, greed, jealousy, envy, inadequacy, anxiety, savagery and amusement are some of the feelings we try to manage behind the façade.

Humour and ironic self insight are essential survival strategies. It is our way of grasping our joys and sorrows, doubts and insecurities. It is important to me that that part of our being is indirectly represented in my work”.



Nørhalne Viser Kunst - Art Fair

ARTICULATE Magazine - International Art Publication Platform in Denmark


Galleri, Charlottenlund – SOLO

Restaurant De2Have – Decoration Fair

Gallery Grenen - Grenen Art Museum

Pavillonen Grenaa - SOLO

Fredericia Art festival 


Open Studio Gallery Grenen - Grenen Art Museum 

Works Art Fair

Fængslet Horsens

Book Release & Art exhibition Det Borende X

Formland Little Odder Speakers

Nyaaben Art - Børglum Monastery

Gallery Grenen - Grenen Art Museum


TETRA PAK Højbjerg

KP The Artist's Easter Exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus

Fængslet Horsens


Fængslet Horsens

KS2020 JANUS Vestjyllands Art Centre

KP2020 The Artist's Easter Exhibition

Motherbrain Records, Record cover illustration



Boarding School Jubilee Exhibition

Fængslet Horsens

Easter Exhibition at Midtjyllands Art Centre

School Art Association MIDT-VEST

KFA Locomotive Workshop, Copenhagen

Autumn Exhibition Midtjyllands Art Centre


RETHINK European Culture Capital 2017, Aarhus

Fængslet Horsens

Gallery Halmtorvet, Easter and Jubilee Exhibition

The Censured Exhibition, Mississippi

SkyByART, Skejby University Hospital

Group Exhibition POWERSPOTS


Art Association Limfjorden's censured exhibition, Struer

Grenå Art and music Association - Pavillonen,

Rynkeby Cancer Fund fundraising exhibition,

Godsbanen Aarhus

PAPER Gallery Dencker+Schneider Copenhagen.

Dronning Lund Palace Easter Exhibition

Fængslet Horsens


Mariager History Museum - Group Exhibition

'Sct Olaf' Art Association - New Year Solo


Easter Exhibition with Jørgen Winther Waring at Gallery Art Corner

Exhibition with Sculptor Hans Christian Stenkilde at 'Jensens Framing and Art Trading' and Filips Stonemasonry at Horsens

Live performance at Gallery Art Expo Hørning

Donation and auction for Team Rynkeby at Comwell Aarhus


Fængslet Horsens

Group exhibition at Åby Parish Art Association

Solo exhibition at Gallery Himmerland

Group exhibition at Gallery Tornby

Group exhibition at Gallery Art EXPO

Gallery Art Corner 40 year's Jubilee Exhibition


Gallery Tornby Autumn Exhibition

Made by Arts, Vejle Spinderihallerne

Lisbjerg Parish Art Association

Gallery Art Corner, Randers group exhibition

Djurslands Gallery Solo Exhibition

Gallery Himmerland Easter exhibition

Gallery Himmerland solo Whitsun exhibition

NIRAS Aarhus



Rotary Art Fair Horsens

Gallery Art Corner, Randers solo exhibition

Gallery Kunstcentrum, Silkeborg

Gallery Djursland, Ryomgård

Housing Company Headquarters, Copenhagen

Aarhus Council Town Hall

Kunst for alle, Aarhus


Recommended, Aarhus

Kunst for alle, Øksnehallen Copenhagen

KunstCentrum, Silkeborg

Gallery Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund

Gallery Omegalfa, Saltum

Djurslands Gallery, Ryomgård

Kunst for alle, Aarhus

Constantia 2, Aarhus

Nordjysk El handel, Aalborg


VIA University College, Aarhus

Gallery Mernild, Herning

Kunst for alle, Øksnehallen Copenhagen

Aalborg Congress Centre – Art on the First Floor 


V. Guldmann A/S Pressalit Danisco A/S

AAK Aarhus Karlshamn Danmark A/S IBM Risskov





Peter Sabroe Seminar

Hellerup Art Trading Solo Exhibition

Hellerup Art Trading, Copenhagen

Gallery NEW, Amager

KB-Hallen, Copenhagen

Artville Art Fair, Copenhagen

Phsychiatric Hospital Art Association, Risskov 

Garden, Skejby (private exhibition)

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