Artist Susanne Butcher works doggedly, persistently and process orientated with her art. She translates her own references and interprets society’s relevant issues into pictorial expression.

She has gradually worked her way into the art scene, through continued and focussed effort. With great patience and respect for producing art that has a personal foundation, she has achieved recognition amongst galleries, colleagues, and customers at home and abroad.

The figurative elements in Susanne Butcher’s work are presented tightly controlled, but with a predilection for allowing the sub-conscience to be the bearing element, that generates a colouristic, expressive and organic representation. In this way, the work is open to the observer’s own interpretations of impression and is an appropriate medium for those that wish to immerse themselves and look introspectively at own life processes.


Represented at selected exhibitions:    


  • TETRA PAK Højbjerg
  • KP Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling Kunsthal Aarhus 2020 
  • Fænslet Horsens, November


  • Fængslet Horsens
  • KS2020 Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling (Summer Exhibition) JANUS Vestjyllands Kunstcenter
  • KP2020 Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling (Easter Exhibition) (POSTPONED UNTIL 2021)


  • Efterskolernes Jubilæumsudstilling
  • Fængslet Horsens


  • Easter exhibition at Midtjyllands Art Centre
  • School Art Association MIDT-VEST 2018-2019
  • KFA Lokomotivværkstedet Copenhagen
  • Efterårsudstillingen Midtjyllands Kunstcenter


  • RETHINK: Participation in the European Culture Capital Exhibition Aarhus
  • Fængslet Horsens
  • Gallery Halmtorvet, Easter and Jubileum exhibition
  • Jury exhibition Mississippi
  • SkyByART, Skejby University Hospital
  • ​Group exhibition POWERSPOTS – project exhibition in 2018 See link here ►​
  • Schools Art Association Aarhus
  • ​Project UDENFOR (OUTSIDE)
  • ​Art at the Castle - Bratskov Manor
  • ​Børglum juried exhibition
  • ​Traffic Centre Aarhus Town Hall
  • Trafikhallen Aarhus City Hall
  • DIGNYTY, donation to benifit for torture victims
  • VIDEOMØLLEN Advent Calender


  • Art Association Limfjorden's juried Autumn Exhibition, Struer
  • Grenå Art- and music Association - Pavillonen
  • Rynkeby Cancer Fundraising Exhibition,Godsbanen Aarhus                
  • Exhibition PAPER Gallery Dencker+Schneider Copenhagen.
  • Dronning Lund Castle Easter Exhibition, Dronninglund
  • Art Nordic
  • Fængslet Horsens


  • Mariager Historic Museum - Joint exhibition
  • 'Sct Olaf' Art Association - New Year's reception solo
  • FÆNGSLET Horsens - Joint exhibition
  • Easter exhibition with Jørgen Winther Waring  at Galleri Art Corner
  • Exhibition with Sculptor Hans Christian Stenkilde at 'Jensens Indramning og Kunsthandel'  and Filips Stenhuggeri in Horsens
  • Live performance at Galleri Art Expo Hørning
  • Donation and auction for Team Rynkeby 30th and 31st May 2015 at Comwell Aarhus
  • Artist Portrait recordings in own studio - link sent out
  • Artist portrait and interview with Erik Meistrup - link sent out
  • 'IF IT FITS, MAIL IT' Mail art exhibition South Carolina USA
  • Art Mail exhibition, Culture House El Apero, in Frigiliana Spain
  • Design of record sleeve og vinyl for British producer 'Castles in Space' 
  • Øksnehallen KBH
  • Exhibited works at Marlene Kjær Aarhus
  • November exhibition at Tradium i Randers


  • Exhibition at Fængslet Horsens - joint
  • Åby Sognegårds Art Association - solo
  • Galleri Himmerland - joint
  • Galleri Tornby - joint
  • Galleri Art EXPO - solo
  • Galleri Art Corner 40 years anniversary


  • Gallery Tornby, Autumn exhibition
  • Made by Arts, Vejle Art Fair, Spinderihallerne
  • Lisbjerg Parish House, Art Association
  • Gallery Art Corner, Randers Autumn group exhibition
  • Gallery Djurs, solo exhibition
  • Gallery Himmerland, Easter group exhibition
  • Gallery Himmerland Whitsun solo exhibition
  • NIRAS Aarhus
  • ART EXPO Hørning


  • Rotary Art Fair, Horsens
  • Gallery Art Corner, Randers solo exhibition
  • Gallery Kunstcentrum, Silkeborg
  • Gallery Djurs, Ryomgård
  • Housing CompaniesHouse, Copehagen
  • Aarhus Council Town Hall
  • Kunst for alle, Aarhus


  • Recommended, Aarhus
  • Kunst for alle, Øksnehallen Copenhagen
  • KunstCentrum, Silkeborg
  • Gallery Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund
  • Gallery Omegalfa, Saltum
  • Gallery Djurs, Ryomgård
  • Kunst for alle, Aarhus
  • Constantia 2, Aarhus
  • Nordjysk Elhandel, Aalborg


  • VIA University College, Aarhus
  • Gallery Mernild, Herning
  • Kunst for alle, Øksnehallen Copnhagen
  • Aalborg Congress Centre – Art on the First Floor
  • Paraplyen:
  • V. Guldmann A/S
  • Pressalit
  • Danisco A/S
  • AAK Aarhus Karlshamn Denmark A/S
  • IBM Risskov


  • Peter Sabroe Seminary
  • Hellerup Art Trade Solo exhibition


  • Hellerup Art Trade, Copenhagen


  • Gallery NEW, Amager
  • KB-Hall, Copenhagen
  • Artville Art Fair, Copenhagen


  • Psychiatric Hospital, Risskov, Art Association
  • Haven, Skejby (privat exhibition)

Selected references:

  • Danish Auditors Randers
  • Rønde Savings Bank
  • Aarhus Town Hall Art Association
  • Recommended Aarhus
  • IBM Risskov
  • Decoration of Children's and Juvenile Psychiatric Centre, Risskov
  • Pareta A/S, Copenhagen
  • Ingves Plastic Surgery Clinic Copenhagen
  • NIRAS Aarhus
  • Chiropractor I/S Copenhagen
  • Roche A/S, Copenhagen
  • J.H. Transport, Brøndby
  • V. Guldmann A/S, Aarhus



Artist Susanne Hoeg Butcher b. 1966 in Haderslev, Denmark

Resided in Canada between 1970-72 and the USA during 1984-85

Educated Pedagogue at Åbenrå Seminary in 1992

Pedagogue and manager of aesthetic arts workshop at the Children’s and Juvenile Psychiatric Centre, Risskov, from 2000 to 2008

Professional artist since 2007

Later educated in aesthetic pedagogy at VIA University College, Aarhus in 2008, including a study period in New York

Has exhibited at several solo and joint exhibitions and has sold to both individuals and companies in Danmark, and to private customers in England and Germany

Has provided work for stage scenery at TV series “2900 Happiness” in 2008 and 2009

Has provided art decoration for several companies in Denmark

Offers courses for companies and private customers

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